Year in Review 2016

Boy, have we come a long way or what? OUr year together has been filled with many changes (challenges) as we solidify the foundation on which OUr club sits. We began in what turned out to be OUr legendary coach’s (Bob Stoops) last season as Head Coach of the greatest team in College Football (to me, at least). The season started a little rough with losses to Houston and Ohio State, but was able to regain their composure as it progressed. During the TX contest, we had OUr first business meeting. We discussed many items of importance from membership types and the power that comes with it to what we want OUr budget to look like. One item I’d like to point out is the formation of the scholarship committee. This is a very important component to the club for all of us. During the meeting, many of our members volunteered to head up this committee. In the end, we did issue OUr first scholarship to a new Sooner named Wyatt Dunlap. He’s majoring in American History. I know his parents must be excited to have a second generation Sooner in the family (his father, Robert, is 1st gen). We are excited for him too. I hope he comes to visit us if he’s ever in town during a game (you never know). I’d like to recognize OUr members who stepped up to make this happen:

Joe Sallee (Lead contact)

Donna Denham

Bruce Faudree

Larry Kozoyed

Again, on behalf of the club, I’d like to thank you for all your hard work for this to become reality. The turn around was pretty swift on this, also. Color me impressed. This was the first year where we introduced incentives to contribute in the form of swag. We introduced pint glasses for anyone that donated $50 or more. We sold really cool T-shirts with OUr logo on them. They proved to be very popular. The ‘big daddy’ item we introduced this year was the OU two tone colored football that was signed by Big Game Bob himself. You want to talk about something that caught everyone’s attention? In the end, OUr member that went home with that awesome piece ofmemorabilia was Chris Severs. Talk about one lucky guy. This year was the first where we decided that OUr meet ups should be more than just for Sooner football games. We did get together for the annual Army/Navy game. That was great! We are planning on doing more things outside of football meet ups. Stay tuned!

Speaking of meet ups, this year also saw the closing of our regular hangout, The Greene Turtle, or as I’d like to call it, The Turtle. They have packed up and consolidated at the Hampton,VA location. Which reminds me – I’ve heard the club of OUr little brother (Okie State) holds their hangouts there. Wouldn’t it be awesome to do Bedlam with them? Anyway, The Turtle served us wonderfully for two seasons and I want to thank them for all their hospitality. As the same time, our illustrious leader, Glynn Cooksey stepped down as President of the club. Him and his family found an opportunity in Austin, TX and moved out there. He was a great asset to the progression of OUr club and he will sorely be missed. Good luck to you, Glynn. We also lost two of our founding members, The Rollisons. They found an opportunity in Las Vegas, NV. Thanks for your contributions to the club and good luck to you both. If you guys are ever back in the area, come see us.

Lastly, we’ve been fortunate enough to bear witness to OU’s championship excellence. Football finished the year strong with (yet) another impressive win vs. the SEC. They played Auburn in the Sugar Bowl. Notonly that, but both gymnastics teams won national championships. The men are on an impressive 3-peat, while the women have won back to back (and 3 in the last 4 seasons). Not to be outdone, the softball team won their second consecutive national championship defeating Florida. This is their third in the last five seasons. Finishing out the #ChampU season, the men’s golf team won a national championship. It was surprising due to them flying under the radar all season. This is all to say that we are representing one of the finest institutions in the country. Let’s get OUt there and make OUr school proud by displaying that kind of excellence in everything that we do. See you soon.