Hello HR Sooners,

Well, the new season has started and OUr Sooners made it out of September (mostly) unscathed w/ a perfect out of conference 3 win start and a (close) win coming out of Waco to started the BIG12 campaign. We have made ourselves at home in OUr new meeting place at Kelly’s Tavern. Becky and Pete have been tremendous hosts and has made OUr transition to this place very smooth. Thanks guys! I wanted to remind everyone to get your dues in. To pay online, use the ‘About’ tab at the top of the page. We plan on having elections this club year. Remember, officer elections happen every 2 club years. So, if you feel you have great ideas to keep moving this club forward, please don’t hesitate throw your name in the hat. However, in order to do that and/or vote, dues have to be paid. The election and official club meeting will happen during Bedlam in November. There’s plenty of time to keep up your membership.

On a sad note, OUr communications expert and resident FaceBook guru, Jason Kmet, was called to due in the Virgin Islands to help with the clean up after the hurricanes being down there. If you didn’t know, he is a reservist in the Army and his squad was called upon. He left right before the Baylor game this past Saturday. The good news is he will be gone for about 2 months, at most. We should see him back before we play for the BIG12 championship. He has indicated that he would be posting when he can. So, drop him a line some time. Jason, be safe my friend. We have a seat and a cold PBR waiting for you when you get back. Boomer!